My new boyfriend and I only talk though text?

So, I am in grade 11, and so is he. He asked me to be his girlfriend almost a week ago, and so far, we have pretty much only talked though text message! This is my 4th relationship, but 2 off them were long distance. This is his first relationship. What should I do? Every time I try to get him to go out with me, (2 times) he seems to think that I need to go to some fancy as ass restraint...

What should I do? Should I just continue talking though text, or should I put my foot down?

Tl;dr: my boyfriend only talks though text. Should I stop it?

(Sorry if my spelling is off, or I misplaced a word. I am currently on an IPad.)


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  • I say you should explain that you do NOT need to be taken to super fancy places all the time. He doesn't need to wow you all the time, just occasionally would be nice. Tell him that him only talking in text is getting old, and you want more from him. Put your foot down, and tell him what you need, and explain that the fancy restaurant is not it. Explain to him that if he wanted a relationship through text, you'd still be in a long distance relationship. Though try to say all this with a little more love. Good luck.


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  • How would you train a dog. Apply the same principals, reward good or desired behavior. Buy some candy and give it to him each time he obeys.


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  • just tell him you want to hang out. you could watch a movie at one of your houses - cheap and easy and no pressure. if he's not wanting to do that, then it's not a healthy relationship...