Am I heading towards diaster?

I'M gonna try to make this brief . quick background met on the net intention where mutual looking for someone to build friendship and relationship with. 2 months and change later I notice he's constantly on this dating site things slacked up between us so I told him I didn't think we will work his response he's ready for the next step . he still gets on the site we've only been boyfriend and girlfriend 3 days and before that he chatted with my fake profile talking about meeting one day and if they were to kiss he still gets on but not talking that way anymore do guys chat like that just to talk or is this a sign he's a player . and when is the right time to talk about closing all our dating site account


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  • Your intuitions are correct:Player.


What Girls Said 1

  • Close the *** account right now! Some people have a cute persona they've developed for online chatting, but don't know how to connect in **** reality! I suppose there have always been people who prefer fantasy to reality, but now we have so many of them!