Texting Issues - what are your thoughts guys?

He texts me at my work during the day and I reply.. but then he randomly stops texting me after a few lines and I'm just left in the middle of what I thought was a conversation.. then he doesn't reply to me for hours at a time with no explanation. He quits texting me once he goes to work (he works nights) and doesn't reply anymore, but is the first to text me when he wakes up in the morning.

I had a bad day today.. Work was hectic and it was just one of those days when nothing goes right. I just wanted to talk to him to feel better (I missed him). When he quit replying, I waited for two hours and sent him another message.. then I realized my phone is messing up and that it said I had missed calls from him when I didn't - I asked him about it (still no reply) - I realized it was my phone afterward. Then I just flat out told him that I had a bad day and I would like if he talked to me - still no reply. What the hell? Why does he even text me then? He says he likes me so much, but they why isn't he replying or stops replying - especially when I'm not okay?


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  • The mans at work. Tough it out until he gets some free time.

    • he was not at work when this happened - I don't text him during his work!


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  • it sounds to me that he just doesn't care.if he is at work he probably can't text u.but otherwise if you were having a bad day and he cared he would text you or better yet call you so you could vent and he would try and comfort u.move on...he sounds like a jerk.

  • Your phone was acting weird...you've answered your own question. :P

    • texting is completely fine - but the call log was messed up.