So she texted me out of the blue?

this girl that I would met a while back texted me out f the blue tonight. we use to talk a lot and then it stopped. I felt she was interested in me and I was/still am interested in her. but I use to always text her first and she texted me. maybe she wants to catch up but how knows right?


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  • It's hard to tell. It depends on how long you guys haven't talked. If it's only been about a month, then I would say that she's probably interested in you and has finally given up on waiting for you to text her. If it's been longer, then she's probably just catching up with you but it's still a bit strange and makes me wonder what she's thinking... Maybe she's lonely and is looking for a booty call ;)))

    • i haven talked to her since August and I heard she had boyfriend but I think they broke up.

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    • Yea but sometimes she just stops responding out of the blue too. I would like to get together with her but she is a couple hours away at school right now.

    • Well, that sucks... And I HATE when people do that! Maybe she falls asleep while you guys are talking? Or maybe she stops because she has to go into her next class? I doubt she's doing it one purpose. Especially if she texted you after not talking to you for two months.


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  • i think she misses you and would like to meet up with you again and hang out. she might be missing the times when you guys talked a lot.

  • maybe. or maybe she had other guys waiting in the wings and they blew her off so now she wants to catch up

  • Maybe she does want to catch up on things. :)


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