Do online dating sites work?

I'm trying to reach out to more channels for serious dating - is online worth it or is it gonna be more bullsh*t? I have no problem getting girls I'm just extremely busy.

Ok - so I'm talking to some girls and I picked one - we talk about seeing each other sometime and she warns me - oh so you know ill be continuing to talk to other guys... Is this the respect people give? If I decide to meet someone ill see it through then give others a chance - not make some comparison depth chart. Sounds so shallow.
Update: this sh*t works --- have lines of girls -- now I have to get the hell off because its taking up all my time, I got work to do! Just be direct and don't use cheesy lines guys.


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  • I have had an online dating profile for quite some time. I have not been active with it though lately. When I used to send messages after a while I'd find a girl I really hit it off with but then she'd flake after a few times of meeting. This trend has happened for me quite a few times.

    Girls on free dating sites get a lot of messages if they have a good photo and are good looking so they can get overwhelmed with good people but also creepers. I know a girl who told me she was getting 20 or so messages daily and some of them were quite creepy.

    From the profiles of girls I have read, a lot of them are extremely picky. They have shopping lists right in their profile of everything they want from living conditions, college degrees, height, and even hair style. I've read forums where guys feel that women are searching by income levels and other guys complain that women only want dinner dates from them as well. I also notice when I would search that a lot of them were teachers or working with children in some way(could just be my area I dunno). Another thing I noticed was that a lot of them would rant in their profiles about guys wanting "one thing only."

    My advice is to just write a good bio on yourself and what you want. Then just leave it up and don't bother with it unless you get a message. I have looked at and tried pay sites but then would just see the same profiles that were on the free sites on the paid sites as well.

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  • Online dating is much the same as other types if dating. Some are looking for something serious and some not so much. It's just another avenue of meeting people.

  • im on two online dating sites and sadly this isn't even an online dating site and the only relationship I got from online was here, it was the best I ever had, after 6 months he didn't want me though

    i guess you could try

  • You have to be patience. That's key. That's how I met my boyfriend.

    • Ur hot.

    • lol thank you? now sure how that is relevant to the question but it's nice to be complimented.

  • Best advice ever given to me:

    You'll find your perfect match when you least expect to but be sure you don't ignore them, fore you only get one chance.

  • hey freaky!

    for some pple it works, other? get played and have a lot of regrets. keep and open mind and just be careful take it slow

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  • update: Again, the problem with online dating. As a girl, she has that luxury. Us guys don't. She probably has at least 10 guys whom want to date her and she is also interested in dating. I used to work with a girl (who was 27 at the time) and was going out on dates every other night of the week when she used online dating because she was attractive and as a result getting 100's of emails. Online dating is extremely one sided towards women, then again the dating scene in general sort of is, so I guess that's nothing new.

    • I'm not sure what site you're on because the only line of women I've ever gotten from these sites were lines of 300lb heffers with kids. I'm not a bad looking guy either and I also have a good job. Either that or you're just messaging the ones at the bottom of the barrel.

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    • yea seems like the key - I'm not a big fan of white girls anyway haha. All the white girls are biggins on these things -- I'll tell a bombshell Asian over an egotistical hot white girl any day

    • Fair enough. Your logic makes sense and to each his own. Happy dating and good luck my friend.

  • Ok I used online dating fairly extensively for about a year and have done my research on the subject so I think I can be of some help. First of all let me say this, online dating is a great tool. It's just another avenue no different than bars, to try and meet someone, so I see no problem in adding it to your dating repertoire. However, that being said, its not all its cracked up to be and its not like a dating made easy machine where you push a button and it spits out a million dates (at least not for guys).

    First let's talk about the math behind online dating. There are about 4 guys for every one girl on an online dating site. No surprise here, girls take a passive role to dating. Any girl who is half way decent looking does not need online dating to get dates because she likely always has at least one in person suitor at any given time. Let's expand those numbers for the sake of argument. So let's assume a side has 40 guys and 10 girls (4/1 ratio). Then let's assume only 2-3 are very attractive as in they would have an average rating of 7-8+ on a 1-10 scale, because again, hot girls don't' need to use online dating. For the sake of easy math, let's keep it at an even 2. So, we can assume then that those 2 girls are receiving about 20 messages each. So for guys, the competition is high. Unless you are a perfect specimen of a human being, she's going to overlook you, all because she can. When given a large selection to choose from, of course a person is going to be picky. This brings me to my next point.

    Online dating creates a very shallow environment. Especially on sites that allow open searches, like, okcupid, plenty of fish, etc. You simply fill out a profile and then go looking based on whatever search terms you chose. There is either no feature, or you are at least not forced to only see those who are compatible. These sites are essentially promoting you to create your "perfect mate". However we all know that our ideal mate rarely even exists, is available, and is even really compatible for us. Many times the happiest relationships are with people we never imagined ourselves with. By turning dating into window shopping it again, makes people pickier than they normally would. When someone gives you a choice of 1000's of people, of course your going to be picky. If you have a choice of 3 people, you would be much less picky and more or less "settle" for lack of a better word. These search terms can easily cause us to overlook a person we might have been perfect with. Maybe a girl says she wants her man to be 5'8+ so she enters that into the search filter. Little does she know she passed up a guy who was 5'7 by doing so who would have been perfect and had running into him in the real world, she would have more than obliged a date with.

    So as you can see, while it can be useful, it definitely has its flaws. I used it for a year and got one date/gf out of it. that's after messaging easily 50+ women.

  • Online dating is a tool. That means it is only as useful as you make it and it will only work for you if you do it right.

    Here's the thing though. Online dating is something you have to put time and effort into to get results. You get out of it what you put into it.

    Approaching women in real life is easier because you can project confidence, humor, personality, vigor, positivity, etc much better.

    And online there are hundreds of guys who are creepy or desperate. In real life, the difference is clear. But with text and photos, it's harder.

    So you have to do a really good job of making an interesting profile, putting up a big variety of flattering pictures and writing engaging messages.

  • Nice going with the online dating. I actually get approached or get heavy cues a few times a week in public but I strike out hard's weird. Maybe I need to be more direct like you've said.

    • Yea I think the goal is, don't be egotistical with pictures - write in a way that leaves questions to be answered - then impress by saying different things - rarely, or never, compliment looks.

  • you say you have no problem getting girls, so you should be fine with online dating

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