Do online dating sites work?

I'm trying to reach out to more channels for serious dating - is online worth it or is it gonna be more bullsh*t? I have no problem getting girls I'm just extremely busy.

Ok - so I'm talking to some girls and I picked one - we talk about seeing each other sometime and she warns me - oh so you know ill be continuing to talk to other guys... Is this the respect people give? If I decide to meet someone ill see it through then give others a chance - not make some comparison depth chart. Sounds so shallow.
Update: this sh*t works --- have lines of girls -- now I have to get the hell off because its taking up all my time, I got work to do! Just be direct and don't use cheesy lines guys.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have had an online dating profile for quite some time. I have not been active with it though lately. When I used to send messages after a while I'd find a girl I really hit it off with but then she'd flake after a few times of meeting. This trend has happened for me quite a few times.

    Girls on free dating sites get a lot of messages if they have a good photo and are good looking so they can get overwhelmed with good people but also creepers. I know a girl who told me she was getting 20 or so messages daily and some of them were quite creepy.

    From the profiles of girls I have read, a lot of them are extremely picky. They have shopping lists right in their profile of everything they want from living conditions, college degrees, height, and even hair style. I've read forums where guys feel that women are searching by income levels and other guys complain that women only want dinner dates from them as well. I also notice when I would search that a lot of them were teachers or working with children in some way(could just be my area I dunno). Another thing I noticed was that a lot of them would rant in their profiles about guys wanting "one thing only."

    My advice is to just write a good bio on yourself and what you want. Then just leave it up and don't bother with it unless you get a message. I have looked at and tried pay sites but then would just see the same profiles that were on the free sites on the paid sites as well.