Why would a guy only kiss a girl once?

So there's this guy at work who I end up hanging out with a lot, just cause everyone I work with ends up hanging out together. One night after drinking, this guy told me I could sleep in his bed. We ended up laying there talking for like an hour or so, all the while he was totally cuddling with me. Then he asked, "How about one kiss, you won't remember in the morning?" and then he kissed me. It was just one kiss though, and then we both fell asleep. He spooned with me all night though, so now I'm just wondering if there is even the slightest chance he likes me?


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  • With drinking involved it is risky. You not yourself .

    If he likes you , I am sure he will let you know.. If he totally ignores you and act different... Chances is he doesn't..

    Try hint that you guys go out for lunch (as friends) and see if it comes up, and ask him.


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  • Don't assume anything. Even if he ignores you, it could be that he doesn't know how to approach the subject. Just ask him to lunch and talk.

  • He's not sure if he should have sex with you because you both work at the same place.


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