Should I text him first of wait for him to text me?

I work at a restaurant and gave this guy my number, he texted me later on that night and we talked for a while. It got late so we both went to sleep. Should I wait for him to text me first now or should I text him?


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  • Seriously, don't wait on things. The "I'm afraid of being clingy" vibe needs to go away. It's only clingy if he gets back to his phone and finds five texts from you going "Are you there!?"

    Guys like me will text a girl and if I don't hear back I assume not interested. Waiting doesn't make progress. Acting does.

    Don't be like all the other girls who think the guy must initiate everything. You'll become a much better person this way.

    • Yeah but at the same time, I don't always want to have to text him first to talk to him. I want to know that he wants to talk to me too.


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  • It doesn't matter who texts first...

    If you want to talk? Then talk.

    • Thanks, I guess girls just overcomplicate things. I thought it mattered who texted who first haha

    • You don't know how much they over complicate things =___= Glad you know now :P

  • text him...if you lkd tlkng to him simple...

    • nai ara zulfi enno kenno?lol.,was just messing wid u...coz you forget me and you didn't replied on chat either:)

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  • Text him! Don't wait for him