How to bring up making things "official"?

So I have a couple things on my mind 1. How to become official - we have been casually dating for about 3 months we don't live in the same city however we will be in a few months and we visit every couple weeks or so, when together we go on dates (movies, meals, walks etc.) I stay with him however we are taking it slow because we have been friends for quite some time so no we aren't having sex yet. He is very affectionate in public (holding me, kissing me etc.) last time I was there I met and hungout with his siblings who he close with, I just don't know how to bring up that I want to be his girlfriend!? 2. I like to be in contact with him but he is not big on texting he only gets in to it if you start the convo I know he is like that with friends as well not just me but I only text him once a week or so in fear of being "clingy" what's is the appropriate amount you can text someone? I feel like I don't talk to him much and I'd like to talk a bit more.


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  • I have the same issue! Specially with the text thing!