If a guy has texting convos with you for months then says he actually hates texting?

So, you say oh OK and then he says thanks for understanding; then he doesn't text you anymore... Yeah, I'm still a bit confused... What exactly was I supposed to understand? That he doesn't want to text anymore or he's sick of me? He was really wanting to hang out with me... you think he just wants to talk in person? I'd ask him, but I don't want to annoy him if that's not the case... Anyone know what's going on inside his head?


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  • LOTS of guys hate texting, but they'll do it in the beginning if they think they have to in order to get you interested, but as soon as you get together, expect texting to drop WAY off. Guys get into relationships with girls because they enjoy their company, and talking to them face-to-face. They don't do it so they can type for hours on their phone, something most guys hate doing for even 5 minutes at a time.

    It's nothing personal. Texting isn't for conversations, it's for relaying short bits of information. If a conversation can't wait until you are face-to-face, CALL HIM. Keep texts short, preferably yes/no answers and only super-time-critical information, or you'll end up with a guy who ignores you a lot or takes forever to answer. Remember: just because you have free time to text him doesn't mean he's free to answer you right away.


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  • If he hates it, yet still did for months, means he really liked you.

    He probably finally said this just so you can hang out in person more.

  • You were supposed to understand that he won't text as frequently as he had been doing. That was all. Nothing about him being sick of you or not wanting to hang out any more.


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