Should I introduce my date to my parents on our first date?

We are both 22, I live at home so he will be picking me up at my house and my parents will be home. I wasn't really planning on it, but he mentioned something like meeting them so now I don't know if I should introduce him. lol

I've known him for a while, we've liked each other for a long time and are finally going out on a date now. I know we will go out again and we've talked about being in a relationship together so eventually I know he will meet my parents because honestly I see him being around for a while..

So should I introduce him briefly when he comes to pick me up? I'm pretty sure he was under the assumption he was going to meet them.


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  • You live at home, it would be rude not to. It's not the same situation as "taking a guy home to meet your parents." It's no different than if you had a roommate.

    • ok looks like I will introduce him then!