Since our date, she ignores me and talks to my friends instead?

I went on a date with a girl about a month ago. We always used to be flirty with each other. The date itself wasn't that great. Anyway, it's been a month and we ignored each other. She doesn't even look at me. Just the other day, she talked to two of my friends and then, point blank, waved to my friend who was standing next to me and began talking to him in earnest. And I mean IN EARNEST. I didn't know they were such good friends.

And then when we pass by each other, she'll not look at me at all or look pass me, even going as far as greeting the person behind me. I honestly don't know what to do. Since it's been a month with no contact and she's doing this, I'm assuming she doesn't think about me and is just having fun and living her life. So that means I'm being affected and I need to place less importance on her. How do I do that? Because it's hard to do in person, easy when I'm away from her.


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  • She's doing this to make a point, don't be fooled. If she was cool with you she wouldn't ignore your presence. She sounds like she is either annoyed with you over something, she's embarrassed about the date or she is trying to make you jealous or a combination of all three.


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  • Have you tried talking to her? Maybe try talking to her and say you know the date wasn't great but can we move past it and it not be awkward? She's probably self concious if you haven't spoken to her since the date she might think you don't want to talk to her so has moved on. If you do just want to place less importance on her then play the field? Look for another girl and move on she probably isn't worth the time. Hope this helps and it all works out:)

    • oh sure, she might be self-conscious, but she started doing this after I asked her out. She didn't give me answer right away and ignored me for a day before saying yes, and even after that she was ignoring me. Considering I was the one who initially showed interest, I should be the one who's confused and she should be trying to win me back by showing some interest. And she isn't, so she probably isn't interested.

    • then move on. she doesn't seem interested at all

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  • Sounds to me like she maybe thought the date was awkward, and now feels awkward around you so she deals with it how a lot of people do - by completely ignoring you. That's my take.

    • right, I understand, but she also started ignoring me ever since I asked her out. So in the couple weeks before the date, she was ignoring me even though she said okay. And she still went on the date, acting like nothing ever happened, but then continued that ignoring after it.

    • Dang to be completely honest it sounds like it was a sympathy date :s ...sorry.

    • yeah, that's what the date felt like.

  • "Anyway, it's been a month and we ignored each other." Why?

    • It started with her because when I asked her out, she didn't give me an answer right away and ignored me for a few days before saying yes and even after that she ignored me until the date. I didn't want to press things when I asked her out so I waited for her since the ball was in her court (as I showed interest). And now she's resumed ignoring me.

  • Move on bro, she was probably trying to get into your social group through you, maybe to talk to someone she found attractive