Your perfect date? :D

doesn't have to be a date you have already been on just tell me how a date would be for you to say wow that date was amazing. What would you do on this date? and where would it take place? My perfect date would be just walking along the beach in the evening talking and getting to know each other. Not the best for a blind date or a date with someone you met online cause you don't know if they are psychos, but in a perfect world that would be my perfect date, what's yours?


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  • A nice quiet park (or playground) in late fall or early winter, no kids around. The two of us are talking, smiling and laughing while sitting on a bench or playing on the swing sets, were there for like 2-3 hrs. It's getting late and chilly so I give her my hoodie and I walk her home and on the way back we get some food, that's my perfect date haha.


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  • Miller Park on a crisp September evening with the Brewers in the middle of a playoff race. We would share a blanket high up in the stadium with a great view of the whole field while enjoying all the sounds and smells of the game. Too many other things that we would do that I'm too lazy to describe.

  • for me it doesn't matter where it's with who

  • if it ends with sex, it's a perfect date.


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