White men and Asian women?

I'm confused! I am a black girl that wants to date a white guy but all of them seem to only want white or Asian women. I can understand because you are white but what do Asian women have that I don't? there are waaay more black women in America than there are Asian women but white men and Asian women are the biggest interracial couple in America..i don't understand. I have a friend that dated a white guy and his friend actually teased him for dating a black girl..but when he date a Asian girl his friends didn't say anything. I feel like I am looked at as less of a female or human because I am a black female. what is it about Asian women that white men love so much? why not black women?

its sad...i thought this question would do better but I guess nobody cares


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  • I used to subscribe to this view but now I think you just have really detrimental attitude. I am an Asian guy so I know how you feel - but this black women and Asian guys get the short end of the stick thing only works on a populational basis. It looks at African American women as a whole, and Asian American guys as a single entity. At the end of the day, it's not illegal for you to date like 50 years agol. Not saying there are no social prejudices, but in today's society, if you are hot, thin, and engaging - you can date girls/guys of any race if you meet enough of them. The key is to improve yourself physically (exercise, diet, buy good clothes), and just get out there to meet enough of the opposite gender until you meet someone who is interested.

    DON'T take no for an answer. If you're a guy I'd say to you to grow a pair.

    • who said that I am fat. I'm not fat

      would you date/marry a black girl?

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  • Asian women are OK but I am not really that attracted to them. I generally like a bit more meat and they tend to be too skinny for my liking. I usually find myself most attracted to black girls but I guess I'm not American

  • If I was gonna guess, I'd say it's due to the fact that men GENERALLY perceive Asian women as being more subservient in their relationships.

    As a white male that would like to date a black girl, I can't say I totally understand it. And of course I'm surrounded by Asian women and very few black women. LOL

    • aren't there black women in cali?

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    • I only get with women if I'm in a relationship, so that's what I'd be looking for. Guess I should find out where all of these black women congregate. ;-)

    • you should

  • I am sorry you didn't get as many responses as you hoped. I think the answer to your question is that black women are perceived as being a bit more masculine than other women. As for the online survey you looked up if we were looking at the same survey I remember it saying that black women were less likely to respond to white men so it isn't only white men not liking black women.

  • Don't bother. You and all other women should stay away from white guys.

    • why?

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    • You laugh because it's true, right?

    • I just got downvoted recently because I said there are black guys who will jump at every opportunity to stop white guys from dating black women, then I turn around and see this. I definitely should've gotten an upvote, lol. Your insecurity amuses me.

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  • As a black girl I'm also attracted to white guys. I'm not sure about the whole Asian women thing but I think most people believe that black women don't date outside their race, so that could be a reason some white guys do not even consider black girls.

    • i just think they don't want us. I saw a study about this certain dating site and they said that black women get the least responses. so I'm sure we are putting ourselves out there...they just don't want us

  • Good luck to you! I hope you find that dream guy (white dude) to have lotsa sex and babies with! A family of halfies! Half White half Black So cute!!! Bye now!