I told him I'm not texting him anymore. Was this demanding?

This is a long distance situation. All we do is text. Anytime we do text, it is when he initiates it. If I initiate text, he never replies. Then when we do text, there are many times when he would flat out ignore them, even if it is a question. He never calls me ever but he had no problem calling me when we went on a date and checking on me on our date afterward. On our date, I have told him that this bothered me and he said he was busy and did not realize he does it but he would be more considerate. Ever since, all of our texts have been all sweet talk with constant “I miss you” and it had been way more consistent. He was consistent for a month then did the disappearing act again out of nowhere for 2 weeks (not replying to text). I reached out to him by calling (once) and then by text, telling him hoped he was doing well, and he did not reply.

He has finally reached out me, telling me he misses me again. But I told him very nicely, (verbatim) that I enjoy hearing from him however I will not be texting him anymore and if he wants to talk to me, feel free to call me. If he does not want to call me, take care and stay safe.

On one hand, I cannot stand the run around, the rudeness and the disappearing acts and playing with my emotions. On the other hand, since we are not even an item, I hope that this does not come off as demanding or impatient. He is a sweet guy and our date went really well, this communication is the only thing that is an issue. What are your thoughts, did I do the right thing?


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  • You did the right thing. Don't have any regrets about what you did, because this guy is playing with your emotions. Now, I have done the same thing he is doing and I know it is highly inconsiderate. First, he's acting like you should be available whenever he wants you to be. In reality, he should be available for you as well.

    I'm glad you drew the line with this guy. Otherwise, he would continue playing with your emotions. Also, I hate to say it, but you might want to look elsewhere. He is either playing mind games or he might not be that into you. Again, I don't want to sound rude, but I've been "that guy" before, so I'm speaking from that experience.

    • You're not rude, I appreciate the feedback. I'd rather know the truth than to continue the mind games. Thanks :)


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  • I think it is OK what you said


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  • It's not demanding.