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National Text Your Ex Day! What are you texting?

If there was such a thing as "National Text Your Ex Day," what would you text? Or would you not text at all? I'm working hard NOT to do this, so my... Show More

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  • Mabe depends on how we left off, if we were still talking, if we got along, how the relationship went down, if she didn't leave a bitter taste in my families mouth, and so on and so forth.

    It all comes down to a lot of things.

    As for having a day like this. Ummmm I high doubt that would help people get back together, or even want to text them. You can't have a day like this. because it has to come from the heart. Or else everyone would just wait for this day to text these ex-so. And then the ex would probably not even take it seriously just cause there is a day labeled like this. Get what I mean?

What Guys Said 10

  • My first ex, I might. She's married with a kid now, though. Second? No way, no how.

  • What a dumb "theme" to set a day around... lol

  • Is this a real day? Haha. I texted my ex telling her I'd like to still be friends even though I've never wanted to be friends with any of my ex's before her.

  • Text my ass...what are you trying to get at?

  • nothing -- don't text him

  • I would text her that its a shame she completly cut me of because I still want to be friends...

  • I'd just tell her my feelings right now.. But maybe not over text because that's not the best thing...

  • "Just wanted to say, breaking up with you is the best thing that's ever happened to me".

  • I actually did a couple of weeks ago. I was drunk. She and I are friends again, though.

What Girls Said 14

  • I wouldn't. He's made it clear he doesn't want to associate with me. When I last saw him he greeted me with a hug and proceeded to not really say anything to me for the rest of the time I was there. However, he wouldn't even engage in the playful banter I posted after his comment on my sister's Facebook post earlier this week.

    I don't even have his number anymore, though I think I still remember it. I'm waiting for the day when he randomly decides to text me so that I can ignore it for a while and then say, "Who is this?" and see what happens. I'm sure he never cared enough to delete my number and probably kept it so he'd know to ignore my texts 5 months ago.

  • Text your ex? Um… No thanks. I'm good. I'll just wait for karma to contact you.

  • I honestly wouldn't text him, especially since I have a new number but if I was dumb enough to text him... I would say, "how's it feel missing out on a good thing? Did you find another me yet?"

  • are you fu**ing crazy?!?!?! NO!

  • Well, depending on my mood, I may say are you still whipped by that fat horse looking bitch? Or maybe just a simple hey would work. I highly doubt I would even text him because he is dating a psycho, who goes through his phone and then that you cause her to talk to me, and I just don't like her.

    • The first part of your comment made me lmao!

    • I only tell the truth...She looks like a horse, she is fatish, and she has him whipped...

  • Naw... I think it's a stupid holiday theme. I will never text my ex and he better do the same. *smh*

  • I would not text at all, I still remember his number, but he doesn't have mine... I am not allowed to text him, or else I will get in trouble with the law. Yikes.

    If I could though, I would like to say many things to him, mostly tell him what a psychopath he was, how much he hurt me, how much I wish he could sit in jail a year for every lie he told me. I would tell him how much better off I am without him, how much more my family and I get along and how much I hate him.

  • I'm not gonna do this, because I don't remember my ex's phone number.

  • Bastard

    I hope you rot in hell

  • Good question...plus another 5.(: and dang if I could what wouldn't I say is the question.

    I'd texting something along the lines of...you a**hole you broke my heart and I cried night after night for you.i waited like a dummy for a year for you but at the end I thank you because of I'm living a much better life without you.

  • myy first..well we were in high school, it was years ago, it would probably be kind of awkward of weird. we stopped talking for the restof high school (Were not in the same school), I woul dhave nothing to say. the second is married now and I dumped him so it would be weird as well.

  • We got back together but, if we hadn't

    "National Text Your Ex Day, I hope you're doing well, I'm always thinking of you and I love you. You are always the best thing that ever happened to me xxx"

    It would be very hard to text/say that but it would be what I want to say!

  • to go f off!

  • Don't text him!

    If I were to text my ex, I'd say "you look worse and fatter on every fb picture I see. Can't believe I cried when you left me. Congrats to your wedding by the way :)"

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