This guy that I am seeing doesn't text me that much, I am the one always sending the texts

I have asked him several times if he still wants to see me and he says yes that I need to stop asking that cause he really does. I feel that if I don't text him we are just going to loose contact and we are not going to talk to each other anymore. I like spending time with him because when we see each other we start making out and do stuff. I know he likes me but for some reason I never hear from him and I am running out of things to talk about.

What should I do? Should I give up and stop texting?


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  • You have a few options...

    1) You can continue acting needy and desperate by asking him over and over again if he likes you. This will make you feel better momentarily while also pushing him away. Basically in this scenario you're acting like a needy beggar asking for change, over and over again.

    2) You can relax and let him chase you for once. This is FAR more attractive in his eyes because it shows him that you're not needy and high-maintenance AND it leaves him wondering... "is she still interested in me now that she's stopped texting me?" There are two ways this might work out... he'll either become MORE interested in you and will text more often OR he'll stay interested and will text less often.

    Ask yourself this... is it really a relationship if the only thing keeping you together is your text messages? Of course not... so stop being needy and let him text you at what ever pace he prefers.


    ~ Robby


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  • I have met some girls who are the same way. I actually write off girls who contact me online after getting their number if I am always the one initiating contact. Sure enough I never hear from them again.

    People in general are like this. I know of girls going through the same things with their boyfriends.

    The honest truth if you will lose contact with them, but better earlier rather than later because the longer you keep trying with him, the more feelings you have due to the effort you are investing in it so you will feel like you're losing more. For couples the amount of pain felt from a break-up is equivalent to the amount of effort they have invested in a relationship.

  • Guys, in general, hate texts. I'd rather have a call, or even better yet talk in life over getting a worthless text.

    • the thing is that I am really busy with school work that I don't have free time, but he doesn't even text to see how my day was. I told him we weren't going to be able to see each other for like 2 weeks. I tried hanging out last Sunday but he wasn't in town

    • That's different on texting, but I'd still rather have a phone call even if it's only one min. The voice can say more, and have better emphasis on words than a text can.

  • Seems he's only interested in fwb. If he liked you the way you like him he'd reciprocate texting and what not. So I'd suggest you give up and move on.


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  • i would cut back and see if he comes after you. it is hard, but if you are too pushy you might just turn him off. if he goes more than a week without contact I would say he's not too into you though but it is a good test.