He seemed interested but I haven't heard from him...

I've hung out with this guy 3 times. The last time we hung out he was very sweet, respectful, and we talked and he asked me questions. After he left, he sent me a text telling me he had a good time. It's been 5 days and I haven't heard from him. I texted him yesterday but he didn't reply. At first I thought we weren't talking because he is a bad texter (he said this himself) but now I just believe he isn't interested. Why would he say he wants to hang out again and text me soon after he left only to not want to talk or apparently see me again? I know he has a busy schedule, so do I just need to wait? Or should I not expect to hear from him?


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  • If you had sex with him, that is your problem. Otherwise, sometimes people could just lose interest. Bottom line is that there are plenty of guys to choose from, it's not worth it to fret over this one. Otherwise he could just be busy. Do not under any circumstance double text, it will come off as needy. Goodluck!

  • Do not show much love or asking him by texting him.For short time he will appier again as before after he never get text from you and if he text to you ,you never reply him.To his side this tricky steps from you will let him having question mark in his mind and like to know that are you in loving him or not.Don't worry things will go well toward you side.


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