Have you ever been relieved you didn't kiss someone?

I get my emotions involved very quickly when it comes to meeting guys. When I meet someone I like, I have feelings that are really hard to make go away. So, I'm very careful about who I kiss and who I let kiss me. I was talking to this guy for a while who I was never completely sure about, so I told myself that I wouldn't let him kiss me until he asked me out and actually took me on a date. It never happened and apparently that was because he was on an off period with his on and off girlfriend who was never mentioned before. I was really upset with how he led me on at first, but then I ended up being really thankful we never kissed. I'm glad I don't have that kind of memory with him.

Anyone else ever experienced this?


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  • I think in your case it is good that yo udidn't kiss him to give him that satisfacting. My rule about kissing girls is it all depends on the moment and the connection and if their is any chemistry. You shouldn't be kissing just anybody and you should at least have soem type of standards. What the guy did to you was wrong because he wasn't for real and if I was in your situation I would had been happy to not to kiss a girl that was talking to her on and off again boyfriend. But I still think yoru rules are tough about having a guy take you out on an actual date. Say for example if you went out and met a guy who you were not dating and he wants to kiss you underneath the misletoe?It's like would you say no or would you kiss him?


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  • My lesbian friend.

    Though I kissed her girlfriend while I was drunk - she's known to have cold sores. Got lucky they weren't on.

    I never experienced the stuff you went through.

  • I'd rather have a memory than to lack one. How old are you?

    • I'm 20. At the time this happened I'd just turned 19 and he would've been my first kiss. That's why I was happy it didn't happen with him.

  • I can understand both sides of this sad story that happens so often. How long did you know this guy?

    • About 3 months, but we'd been hanging out and getting pretty flirty for around a month, I guess.

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