Constant bad relationship experiences with white men have made me not want to date them!

I talk to all races of guys but it seems white guys are more attracted to me. However, as soon as they find out that my father is black they stop talking to me. I mean like they ignore me. Like this one guy who took me out on a date he thought I was Latina. I have been mistaken for Hispanic most of my life. And even though I made some mistakes by sleeping with guys outside of a relationship. Even though I have learned from them and I don't do that. I can honestly say that I have failed to meet a white guy who would date me because of me. People don't believe me that I met guys like this but Is It normal to feel that when I get back into dating.

Because I don't want a relationship right now.

I don't think I will be dating any white men.

Also I am more focused on my career now so I'm not looking for a boyfriend nor do I want to have sex with any one. I don't sleep with guys like that now.

My ex boyfriend was white and we were together for 6 months. He was sweet and I didn't have sex with him but he was a coward because he broke up with me through text message with no explanation and then he ignored me 2 weeks before he did it and he never gave me an explanation

Currently I am not sexually active and single. I don't plan on having sex with any guy. Yet it seems that even though I'm doing things the "right way" I'm still getting my feelings hurt.

Should I just not date white men? I'm not saying they are all bad but for me it has not exactly been a pleasant ride


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  • Growing up in a predominately white community I found myself crushing on a few white boys in school even though I never intended to be in an actual relationship with them. I just thought some of them were cute. I still find some of them physically attractive. However, I'm just not attracted enough to enter a relationship with one. I agree with another response that a lot of white men are vulgar and use too much toilet humor, which I find disgusting and immature. If they're not immature then they're egotistical a-holes. I know this sounds like a stereotype but I tend to associate white men with STDs and drugs because they're so promiscuous and curious about experimenting with everything. They also lack control of their emotions and that turns me off. The irony is that as far as friends go, I have more male white friends then I have female white friends. I find that I can only tolerate very few white women so there's no way I could be with a white man who no doubt has a white mother and white sisters. I'm an Asian woman, by the way, and only prefer to be in a relationship with Asian men.


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  • I find half white half black girls some of the hottest girls ever. How do you feel about mixing it up with a half English half Filipino guy? Just kidding, but mixed race people are actually really popular in Britain from my experience. Exotic/foreign adventure without the translation problem.

    Don't give up on any race, it's really just coincidence to have a bad statistics on relationships. You need to learn to look for better men and that's tough for everyone.

    • Im not half white and half black. Why do you assume that I'm that? I never said that lmao. I'm Latina, black, and white. Lmao. And what your saying that you love half white and half black girls skins like a fetish. I'm sorry. I don't see how that I helping my question

    • Geez! I was trying to cheer you up, stop being a buzzkill. And I already gave an answer, don't give up hope.

    • Ok thanks

  • That's pretty universal, actually... only a rare few guys will tolerate a relationship with someone who exhibits no interest in having sex with them. It would be equivalent to expecting a girl to tolerate a relationship in which the guy has no feelings for her.

    It has nothing to do with race: just the way we are.

    • I offered him sex but he said it was too early. And when I offered it again he said he was too busy to have sex

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    • I didn't mean to write you the first part. Second I didn't say that all white guys are like that. Geesh did you read my description :/ omg. I said the white guys I been with were no good. and I don't discriminate so I talk to all ethnicities of men: white, Latino, even Asian men approach me, and I talk to black men and I'm not looking for anyone right now. So even if I had the choice I'm not looking. But mainly white men seem to be attracted to me

    • I guess I don't understand the "question" then?

  • First of all people don't change from being cheaters. Second, just stick to your mud genetics and stay away from the purebreds.

  • I believe you. Being a white guy, sometimes other white people think that since I'm white ill be alright with their "im not racist but *insert racist nonsense here*" type comments. So I totally believe you when you say white guys have done this. I've seen white women who actually lost interest in me because I said that dating somebody of the same ethnicity wasn't important to me.

    Here's the thing though, if you don't date a guy because he's white, you're just as bad as the guys that wouldn't date you because you have a black father. Furthermore, as a white guy, id feel pretty hurt if you rejected me on race. Then I would get over it and just write you off as a racist. Is that really the impression you want to leave on people?

    • The white guys that did me wrong don't care about me. They did me wrong. They verbally abused me. The only white guy that treated me right was my recent ex boyfriend. These guys thought that dirt was more important than me. So I seriously doubt they are sitting there thinking oh she is racist. Are you serious? and I'm not rejecting anybody. I'm not looking for anyone to date right now. So I couldn't reject you as a white guy, Chinese guy etc. because I DON'T WANT TO DATE RIGHT NOW

    • Second even if I rejected you. You wouldn't know why unless I told you straight up. That goes for any race of girl.

  • Good. No one should date them.

  • Interesting. You say that as soon as they find out that your father is black, they stop talking to you? How many times has this happened?

    Also, have you been limiting yourself to only dating white men up to this point?

    • No I talk to all races.

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  • 1. You are obviously attractive as you are getting a lot of dating activity and interest from guys.

    2. When you are attractive, it increases the amount of attention.

    3. Only a small percent of attention any girl gets is going to lead to a healthy long term relationship.

    So, keep up with not having sex outside of a relationship. That right there will cut down on one of the worse regrets, which is having sex with a guy who then dumps you because he never really cared about you as a person to begin with. Beyond that, attractive women have to weed out all the insincere guys who are just interested in sex from the few that truly think you are amazing and could give a rat's ass about your father's race or numerous other details. There is no signal you can give, no way you can act, that will prevent guys who only want sex from approaching you.

  • Wow I'm sorry they are jerks on something so stupid as race. They are losers and not even worth your time. I real man would love you no matter what race, color, etc you are. I'm black and my guy is white. He has no issues with my race or where I come. Not every guy is like that just race ignorant a**holes.

    • I guess there are a lot of racist ignorant a**holes then.

    • Maybe I should explore my options instead of just looking at white guys

    • I don't think I should date white men I have met a lot of racist white men. Hpw do you explain that?

  • My point as another reason why id never marry one! If he can't accept you or your family a relationship isn't worth the trouble. Date whomever you want but be cautious.

  • Most white people do not like blacks. Black and mixed people just need to accept this sad reality. And white people know what's up, the phony whites will lie and say I'm generalizing but honest whites will agree. I've read studies that showed most white Americans are biased against African Americans and that most of them don't see blacks as on their level.don't believe me? Google it. That's just the way it is. I'm mostly black and I would not date a white guy,I don't even keep too many white friends.

    I have a mixed cousin that can pass as white. she has very light skin, green eyes and light hair and whites don't know she's mixed with black.she's heard some of the most disgusting things from white people that they say when they think no blacks are around.even the ones who smile in your face and have black sorry but I just don't trust them!