How to text a guy/girl to get them interested?

what are some ways girls/ guys talk to the opposite gender to turn them on or just get them interested to one another.


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  • youth these days really have some serious communication problems. gotta find ways to get people to talk about themselves and what they like and genuinely get interested in what they like, or at least show interest of some sort and try and keep the conversation going.


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  • Text with enthusiasm and show genuine interest in talking to them / texting them. That should get the point across.

    • but what if your scared tht you cud be a bother or a annoyance

    • If you're afraid of being a bother then you should not initiate a conversation more than 65% of the time (50% is ideal) and you should match your reply time to their's. So, if you notice that the guy is texting once per hour, you should text somewhat slowly as well to avoid overwhelming him. If you notice that he's replying right away and enjoying the conversation, you may decide to respond more quickly as well.

  • You know what...just text him! text anything, of course not a joke or a emo message, has to be a conversation message, not too cheesy, definitely not formal...a little flirty...but the flirty part comes later...see what he replies and then go with the flow, use subterfuge in a way to let him know your interest, but don't make it very evident...keep the guessing game going..

    • sounds good, if only life were accommodating and convenient enough for that. Two naturally charming people perhaps, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Note the last sentence "one another." She'll likely over-think it and just confuse the poor guy.

  • I may be old, but why don't you just call the guy? Texting can be misread and taken out of context. If you like this guy just call him and see what happens.

  • SmoothOperator is right. At first a text conversation may go right, but one late text or a text not showing up at all or in parts will have either you or him thinking that the other is a.) weird b.)offending you somehow C.) avoiding you suddenly. Do yourself the favor and just talk to the guy, over the phone or in person.


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