I really like her... now what?

Last weekend I met a girl at a house party. Thing is that she is dating someone however I am not sure how serious it is and am fairly certain after that evening that she could easily be swayed. Not sure how long they have been dating (my guess not supper long) and he is away for 2 months or so. Anyways reason she was at the house party was because a friend of mine's friends wife brought her cause she was bored. anyways we hit it off fairly early in the evening and then tried to go out to a night club together that night but couldn't get a cab. I am regret full to say that shortly thereafter the beverages of the night caught up with me and it was lights out. sh*tty thing is I blackout... something I have never done before and when I woke up I don't remember the rest of the evening and I crashed at buddies house and she was gone and I haven't seen from or heard from her since. I'd love to date her cause I really like her... now what?


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  • get another girl..stop tryin to be a girlfriend stealer..man you act like she the last girl in the planet..

  • Maybe do more stuff with her because if she knows straight away that you like her she might think you are shallow. This could be very wrong though