Why did my guy friend say I'm 'too crazy' to date?

like he doesn't know me super well, but in front of a room of our friends he was comparing all the girls in the room saying OK fine to another guy frnd that not all girls are crazy. and he went through a few girls in the room saying their not crazy and when he got to jesse(me) he goes well.. uhhh

and I'm just like "okay thanks for that"

I never get dates or had a boyfriend I'm 22.

What makes guys think girls are crazy? And what do they mean by crazy?


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  • What's your personality like? We don't really have much to go on here.


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  • Martha Stuart

  • If you have no sense of what is logical or rational then I suppose some guys would say you are crazy.

    So crazy would be when you have no ability to see or understand your emotional body in a ration light.


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  • are you too : dramatic or wild? define your personality.


    • I'm relatively outgoing.

      I like to talk I used to be shyer when I was younger.

      I like to have fun go out and dance not a party girl but any means but my friend tell me I'm "funny, sweet and entertaining"

      I'm smart I want go to grad school.

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    • I'm "too nice" as people have told me. And sometimes I can be sensitive. Can't think of much else.

    • sensitive how .