Why do girls like to talk like men are really picky when it comes to looks?

There always talking about how shallow men are, how we only want to date the hottest girls. They make it sound like we are all Brad Pitt and have a selection of a thousand girls to date...lol

When in reality average guys like me just have to take whoever will accept us. If your picky you just end up being a big loser.


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  • You're exactly right. Most girls are so lost in a media fog that they think that what they see in fan magazines is real guys' lifestyles. They identify with celebs so much, they don't understand what ordinary guys' lives are like, just as you say here, and what's more, they don't care.

    Guys may have their problems with shallowness, but at least most of us know that what is in the celeb magazines isn't real life, not even for the celebs, actually. These girls are about as deep as the Platte River--you know, too thin to plow, to thick to drink...


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  • "When in reality average guys like me just have to take whoever will accept us"

    So if you met an average looking girl now and she saw this post I'm sure she would feel like you was with her because she is all you could get rather than she is all you want.

    Did you word that wrong?

  • You're exaggerating. All we're saying is that guys expect to "date up" when it comes to looks. Meaning that guys typically don't go for girls on their same level of attractiveness or below. This is especially true for the ugly and average guys. For a guy of a high level of attractiveness, it is harder to "date up" because the higher you go, the fewer there are, so they will accept girls the same level as themselves.


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  • We're all superficial. There's NOTHING wrong with it. We ALL have to be attracted to the person we are in a relationship with. We ALL have to like the way they look.

    It's biological. It's genetic. It's natural. We can't control who we are attracted to. It's just nature.

    If not, imagine at some point in your relationship, standing on the street corner. You see plenty of men/women you find far more attractive than your partner and you feel like a prisoner.

    The most condescending thing you can do to someone is settle for them. I'd rather be rejected because a girl doesn't like how I look than to be accepted only because she has no other options.

    Because, guess what, if she rejects me, I can go out and find a better looking woman with a better personality who accepts me for what I look like and who I am. And same with you.

  • Don't ever trust a woman's world. Make your own and invite them occasionally for a visit.