Why pull me in and then back away

OK, so I broke up with my boyfriend about a month ago. He was getting really flaky all of a sudden when it came to plans, calling, etc. So I dumped him. But he texted me a couple days ago and then called me and we had a 2-hr convo...he explained some messed-up things that have been going on in his life...how he feels like a loser, he's in a rut, blah blah blah. That he didn't know why I would even want him and that's why he had started to back off a bit. Anyway, I told him I care deeply about him. That I can't help it. That I am there for them. We said we would hang out tomorrow. But then yesterday, I text him have a good day, and I get nothing back. Then later that night I only heard from him Because I texted him and we just kept it light and said some jokes. Haven't heard from him yet today. Does he regret sharing everything he shared with me? Is this normal behavior? I'm very confused. And now wondering will he even call to see if we're hanging out tomorrow. Do guys back away when they open up too much emotionally? It was kind of a major thing he told me, so I don't know if I"m supposed to be understanding that he now is back to being distant.


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  • I agree with the anonymous girl. I think he's nervous. He thinks he's FUBARed the situation, so he's trying to draw you out a little to see if you actually are still into him. Yes, continue to let him know that you care about him and that you want things to be well with him.


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  • He could be backing off because he's scared, or he could be backing off because he's embarrassed...it could be a number of reasons, but it's hard to say without knowing him. Just continue to let him know that you're there for him and care for him, but don't pressure him. He could just be going through a rough time and not ready for a relationship yet.