I think she is not interested in dating me anymore.

Ok, I have been dating this girl I really like for about a month. Everything was great for the first 3 weeks (had 4 dates). I could tell she was very excited too see me and vice versa. Last week I started getting this strange vibe. She started acting distant and didn't return my call for 4 days. When I asked her what is wrong, she said she really likes me but something is

missing for her and she is not sure whether this is right. She added that she wants to hang out but isn't sure how to go

forward. I am pretty sure this is a kind way of saying I am not interested in dating you anymore but just wanted to see what you gals think.

Thank you all for your answers. These are very helpful. I don't think I'll stick around though. It is really hard to be around somebody you really like without hoping that things will change - and they most probably won't as you pointed out.


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  • Girls aren't always black and white about their feelings like guys are...we're too intuitive. A lot of times, we want to like someone, but something just isn't there. I've been in that situation...dated a guy and no matter how much I wanted to like him, something in my gut was telling me it just wasn't right, that something was off. I've also been in situations where I ignored this feeling and continued with the relationship and it ended poorly, so I now never ignore my gut.

    It doesn't mean that she's playing you and is just letting you down easy, she very well could be confused about what she feels, but whether or not you stick around is up to you.


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  • Well, either she means what she says and wants to stay friends now, see if you ever get feelings (which she kinda presumes won't happen) or it is a "friendly" way to let you know she's not interested anymore.

    I'd say: just try to stay friends with her, but don't do all the effort.

  • Shes probably just not feeling sparks and wants to let you down easy. Id just give her space unless you want to be friends, just don't expect her to change her mind.


What Guys Said 1

  • Move on and let her set up the next date if she wants to.