Finally might get a date with this girl I liked from way back.

Okay so just found out a girl is waiting for me to step up and ask her out. My thing is I haven't found a way to actually get over my "nice guy/nervous, bi**h" persona yet. I will setup the date and choose a place (I always wonder if the girl really likes it). Whenever I think about it or get to the day of the date the nervousness keeps kicking in. I never know what to say, or how to be confident and claim my manliness and make a move (ie. breaking the touch barrier or even moving for the kiss), even though I have gone on dates, I never really make moves. I have gone to through the touch barrier I guess since I would touch a girls shoulder and came up with a lame excuse to hold a girls hand. Other then those little glimpses of confidence nothing is there. I want something to finally work for me because I am sick and tired of being the nice guy sitting on the sideline. So it comes down to how can I just go from zero to hero by this Saturday when I try to step up and ask this girl out and for her number.

P.s. Another thing that I am worried about is trying to ask a girl out on a date for the same day (actually that night)?


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  • You need to realize that the only thing getting in your way is you. To change you need to want to change. Maybe try listening to some pump up music before you ask her out. Also ask her a at least a day before the date. Good luck


What Guys Said 1

  • Just tell yourself you need to be determined. And that it's no big deal at the end of the day.