Guys in your twenties - how often do you text the girl you're interested in?

Every day, every other day, a few times a week, etc.. How long do your conversations usually last?


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  • It depends on how much often and quickly they respond to the few initial texts I send first, I limit myself to three a day for the first day if they don't respond or within a couple hours of me sending them one then one a day for the next two days. If they're ignoring me or taking their sweet time I move on to someone worth my time, If I'm getting time spent on me to send a simple message then I'll return the favor, if not that person gets in my low priority box or outright ignored. If they're artificially busy I'll move on, there's plenty of others out there. My conversations vary greatly in time and length, a quick hi or hows your day is about 100 characters long or half a minute while deeper stuff is 500 to 1800 long or more and could potentially be hours. At that point its more reasonable to just call.


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  • Usually like once week lol. I talk to them in person waaayyy more so I don't really need to text them

  • 21- pretty much every day or every 2nd day, but after a while just kinda run out of stuff you want to say...

    "how was your day?" "oh good blah blah blah" "how was yours?" "good also blah blab blah" "... ... k"


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