What's his deal? please guys help

I went out on a date with this guy and everything was great afterward but then some drama happened between us having to do with his ex (long story). Anyway we then started talking in person again a little. Then I sent him a text one day saying we should catch up over a drink. He NEVER answered me so I thought OK he's not interested anymore! But its weird a week later he randomly texts me saying "i just saw your mom lol" Then he texted me 2 days after that with another excuse to talk. But after that haven't heard from him. Its like he's finding reasons to text me now..so what's his deal? is he maybe still interested but doesn't know what to say? Or he's still not interested..im so confused! :(


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  • He's definitely interested. I like his game.


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  • He is not interested. He just saw your mom. That is no excuse to talk. What was the other 'excuse'? Usually if a guy is interested he will pursue you. You will not have to wonder if he is interested, because you will know. Let it go. Don't text him unless he text you and keep it friendly. Watch "he's not that into you" a few times and let it sink in.