Guy problems... Help :(

Ok so there is this one guy who I started talking to and he calls me baby,sweetheart,hun,sweetie,and babygirl :) OK so the part I'm really confused is because we went to some party and he kept on hugging me and saying he liked me! We would always text btw...And the next two days he broke his phone and he rarely messages me on Facebook now or anything else but if I put a picture or a status up he will like it! I don't know if he likes me or is just playing with me?! Helllppp!


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  • I think he's affraid to take the first steps and doesn't know what to do anymore...


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  • If he broke his phone, then he broke his phone lol. That might just be his main method of communication, and he just doesn't normally talk a lot on chat or Facebook. I would say that he still likes you, don't overread into things, see how things turn out when he gets his phone back.