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Guy asks me on date then doesn't contact me when it came to the day?

I don't get it, we was getting along so well an he said I'm beautiful and that he wants to come see me. He said I can't do ths Friday but next Friday... Show More

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  • Basically he flaked. You're lucky if you made it to 20 without understanding what it's like to get flaked on or stood up.

    • Why do guys just 'flake' without a valid reason. Seems stupid lol. He seemed insecure though. When he asked me out and I said yeah he was like ' really' its as if he believed that I wasn't going to meet him. He is clearly rubbish with women and he has been single a while so yeah. Oh really lol, I'm 19 I've never had this happen bit I've gotta say its the worst feeling!

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    • It's normal to feel like that after you get the cold shoulder. Speaking from experience haha. You'll pick up hopefully within a week. Just try not to focus on that too much. Distract yourself. Go to a party with your friends. You'll feel better for it.

    • Yh I'm over it now life goes on!

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