The guy I'm dating compliments me too much, is he only trying to impress me?

he always says that my smile is beautiful, my eyes are so seductive he melts, that I'm so smart. And he brought up weddings on the second date and told me to go with him to a party 5 weeks from now.

I want to believe him, but I'm afraid that he only wants to get in my panties. Cause he always asks when can he come to my place, or when will I sleep at his place. Otherwise, he takes interest in me and is a great conversationalist.

He seems experienced, does all the right things, plans the date perfectly all I have to do is enjoy his company. I love this, but should I be cautious?


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  • Wedding on the second date? he sounds desperate for some companion specially if he doesn't know you yet I believe? anyway I think all relationships take time,getting to know each other what are your likes and dislikes then move on to the serious part "Marriage" . Just tell him to slow down a bit,you need to know him well first and then decide if your interest it or not(if you like him too). Be cautious because usually this guys like to talk and talk at the end you will end up hurt and him just happy because he got what he wanted in the first place. Sounds Too good to be true!Wish you luck!:)


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  • Well you should always be aware of guy in terms of trusts but just tell him to loosen up on the compliments.

  • Always be cautious as guys your age are bullsh*tters but he may be sincere. Make him work for it girl


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