Coffee date advice, please?!

So everyone knows that a coffee "date" can be a chance for two people to become more friendly with each other, in an innocent let's-be-friends way. It can also be like a date that isn't a date, where the purpose is to see whether the person can be a romantic interest...

I want to ask this guy out for coffee (potentially on the romantic interest level) but since a coffee "date" can be taken either way - I don't really know how HE will view it, since we are in a position where it technically could be either way. If I plan to ask him to coffee, I know that I should pay (and I don't have a problem with this) but if I OFFER to pay then it automatically makes it seem like the date type of coffee date

The only thing is I don't know where exactly he stands so I'm hesitant to make it seem like that type of date until I get a better idea of where he I offer to pay or not?!

Other words of wisdom?


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  • You're taking it too seriously! Have a fun time and I'm sure he'll be fine with each paying for their own.

    • lol maybe I am, but that's what girls do :P

      it isn't that I don't want to pay for it, I really don't mind spending the money... I just wouldn't want to get caught in an embarrasing situation if I offer to pay for it (making it seem like a date) but he didn't think of the situation in that way.


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  • oh man. Coffee dates. I work at a coffee shop and I seem to always make it awkward for the customers when they are with their dates; especially when it comes to who is paying ><

  • Assume he likes you.

  • I don't understand why you can't just ask him if he wants to get coffee, and then each of you pays for your own drinks. If you don't know if where is any romantic interest, why spend a single cent of your money on him until you know it will be worth it?

    • I wouldn't mind buying him a coffee, we've talked a bit in school (we have a class and lab together) and he seems cool. I don't mind spending $2 or whatever on a coffee... I was more concerned with how the OFFER to pay would make him perceive the situation.

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  • Don't offer to pay. Just ask and do not use the word "date". Just ask if he would like to get together for coffee sometime.

    Then just hangout and let each pay for their own drink. If you like him cool, if not then no harm.