I like my best friend's fling, what do I do??

Okay My best friend has this fling, they aren't dating but they have a thing together. When my friend likes girls, I have a feeling he only looks for "LOOKS" which yeah is important, but its not all you should look for. He also gets into something with a girl if he knows he will get action. My friend also claims he still loves his ex. and if he does than should he be getting into this relationship? I have hung out with this girl more than a few times but just met her recently, like a couple weeks ago. When I do hang out with her, its always because I'm with my friend of course. I have started to like this girl. We have so much in common that her and my friend don't. And I just get this feeling that she has a small liking for me too, just by the way she smiles at me and talks to me. My friend tells me that they kiss and stuff, but whenever they are both around me, this girl doesn't touch my friend, no kissing nothing, we went to the movies and they didn't cuddle or anything. I'm very confused, and I like this girl, but if my friend actually does to, then I don't want to be that kind of guy and I suppose I should lay off, because after all he is my best friend. I just need some awesome advice.. THANKS!


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  • Personally,I think the best way to go would be to ask your friend straight up if his feelings for this girl are strong.I know you may feel awkward asking,but if you don't ask,the situation will just keep getting very tense,and trust me,that would be more awkward than just asking him.You don't have to tell him that you like her at first,but if he says that he doesn't feel that strongly about her,then explain to him that your developing a crush on her,and if a fling is all he's looking for,hell be able to find plenty more fish in the sea and probably step aside.Have you considered asking this girl to hang out alone,to see how shed react in a situation with just you two?If it turns out that he does really like her,and there is a potential relationship amidst,then you should try to get over the crush.But you never know until you ask!
    Good luck,hope this helped =)


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  • I think you should keep hanging around this girl. Get to know her better. If they aren't going out, don't be afraid to flirt with her. Make her see that you're the better, more interesting guy. And, I know this takes courage, but try to talk to your friend about how you don't like how he takes advantage of girls and how maybe he should wait a little while to get into a relationship/fling until he's 99-100 % over his ex.


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  • i've been in the same situation... It's a tough call because either you go for her and have the chance to be happy and ruin it for your friend making you a dick or you are continue to sit the sidelines. I would definitely say no if they were going out which they aren't but I think things may fall through and you guys may have a shot together. I do think it would be a bit weird being second to a good friend but that's your opinion. I would suggest you hang tight for a bit and see if an opportunity comes along in which you have a chance to make a move. Please do not hesitate if it comes... Also you could talk to your friend and see what he has to say. If he was just going through the motions perhaps he may leave her to you. good luck