Why didn't he text back?

I've been dating this guy for well over a month. The last time we were together we spent the whole night & then the next day with one another. He said he missed me (cause we didn't see each other for a week during hurricane sandy). He texts me 2 nights ago "Hey Beautiful, how was your day" I respond & ask how his day was but still have gotten NO response. He's a NYC cop & he was on duty when he texted so it gets crazy sometimes but he's always texted me back before & he ALWAYS initiates the texts. I know I've been having problems with my texts not going through so I don't want him to think I am playing games & ignoring him (if he didn't get it) but then I also don't want to annoy him or look to eager by asking if "he got my text cause I've been having issues with it lately" So what do I do? Wait? Text? It's just weird that he hasn't responded, its not like him.


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  • What most of the time happens in these situations is just something came up.


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  • Send him the same text again and see what happens then. I'm not from US, but I saw what was like during sandy, so it's possible that because of the hurricane there are problems with mobile networks and your message didn't get trough. Try one more time and write in it that you responded him immediately, but because he didn't answer, you're not sure he got it.