How many dates does it take to be in a relationship?

Basic question. The situation is that I've been seeing this girl. We've only been on 2 official dates and theyve went well, but we've hung out a lot other than dating, such as a Halloween party, tailgating together, hanging out with her friends, etc. We've known each other for about a month and a half and have been "seeing each other" for about a month.

The question, how long do you usually date before you get in a relationship with that person?


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  • it depends on both of you,mask her if she'd like to date exclusively ,most women wait for the guy to ask


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  • It just depends on the people involved. I generally believe that to be in a real relationship there has to be some sort of verbal commitment made, so maybe ask her what she thinks? There is no set number of dates or anything like that. If you think of yourself as in a relationship, see if she does as well.

  • I have a theory. It takes one date to determine whether you want to see someone again. A few weeks to a month to see if you might consider the boyfriend/girlfriend material. Then anywhere from a month to 6 months to consider yourself serious or longterm. Then a year to 18 months to decide if you could see yourself marrying someone. I'm sure everyone has a different timeline but for me this seems to be enough time to figure out if you are really compatible with someone.

  • Plot twist: you decide when you are in a relationship, not the number of dates you've been on.


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