Communication between men and woman - pick yourself up!

I read so many troubled individuals seeking advise on their partner not communicating back to them. It is very stressful and damaging to ones self if you let this continue. So here is my take on the matter..

Try for three, than let them be. What I mean is that you try to communicate 3 times in a combination of ways. But 3 should be the limit. And I do not mean one right after the other. Example: Text them at one time in the morning, then if you must text or call them in the evening. Give it a day or 2 and retry again. If they do not respond LET THEM BE! People communicate and reach out to others to whom they want to talk or be with. If they Don't they Don't! Another important sign is that that never want to make plans with you. Take this for what it is. You need to see what is real vs. what you perceive as real.

If you want to try four, then please no more...

Now your at six and your heart will now take its licks.

Go for eight and you will never find date...

Remember, not everyone is for everyone. So, pick yourself up and keep yourself occupied. Life is way to short to be waiting for that reply that will never come. Be confident and move ahead with your dignity.

Just my 2 cents worth.


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  • So what is your 2 cents on talking to an ex who says he wants to be friends when you have already moved on to the next one ?

    • that is your choice to make on how you thing he will be as a friend. If you two got along very well as friends then I say yes it can be done. Just tread lightly as the relationship may develop again, so you need to set the ground rules...

      Good luck...

    • Best answer ever :D. I will take your advice

    • Thank you for best answer


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  • so what's your question?

  • Says the man whose name is goodguysfinsihlast. Nice poem though. Not sure of its relevance, but good poem nonetheless.

    • life experience taught me But I guess you can say I am far from Good! Thanks for the comment... Maybe - BadBoysFinishFirst?

What Guys Said 2

  • What part of this is a question? And only loser would try more than two times.

  • Terrible advice...