Met online....different rules?

I met this guy online and we have been on a date so we keep "meeting" online and talking for a bit...where is it going?


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  • Probably nowhere, love. If you feel like you really have something then that's great and I hope you're right, but I'm very apprehensive of online relationships. So much of human interaction hinders on physical contact, especially in developing a romantic relationship, so meeting online is definitely a challenge unless you live nearby. If that's the cae, then I'd start moving away from the online part and towards that instead. Safely, of course. Public areas etc etc, I'm sure you know all the rules. :) Otherwise I'd be surprised if there was much future in it.

    • I understand :) we have met before an it was also great but I don't want to ask him

      out I think I should wait for him? I just want to know why he keep interacting with me online

      but not asking for another date yet? P.s they aren't one word talks they are real conversations :)

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  • whether its internet or real life the world is the same as well as the rules so if you think everything is alright in this way keep going let the time define the pace of your relationship


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  • Has of now, no where. It is at a stand still until he makes plans to see you again.