How can I date a white girl?

Hi, I'm a 23 year old employed student who is studying electronics engineering technology and I am part French, Native American and Dominican. I currently live in New York City. I've dated females from a wide spectrum of ethnic backgrounds but I can never meet a nice white girl. I feel like this is a bit outside of my power but maybe you guys/girls might be able to at least lead me in the right direction. I appreciate any suggestion/input that may be beneficial to my cause. (:

Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't see how dating a white girl should be hard for you? Don't focus too much on it or don't get your hopes up that it will be amazing. It could be amazing, it could be a downer, that's the case for every relationship. Just go out with your friends, meet people, don't focus on "I have to date a white girl" or it won't happen.

    • Not quite sure why it would be difficult for me either. I've fairly confident in myself, I'm attractive and we'll rounded. Just are had the opportunity to even try! I agree that I could be getting my hopes up way too high. It's who I am. (: I'm an optimistic dreamer! And I've been going out and meeting new people for years now. Lol white people aren't too common my way.

    • Just let life take its roll. You'll find someone, whether she's black, white, asian,or whatever ... doesn't matter, right :)

    • No, it doesn't really matter. If I fall in love I fall in love. I just have a thing for white women. <3