How do I get more responses on POF?

I've written a profile that has a good amount of detail without being long, with a little bit of humor. I have 3 pics up, and no not any topless mirror shots! I know I'm no George Clooney, but I'm not terrible looking. I've sent out a bunch of messages, always asking the girl something about what I read in her profile or mentioning something that we both like. I haven't had any responses so far, and most of the girls have been online so they clearly read the messages.

It's getting pretty depressing. What does it take to get a response? Girls always say in their profiles how they hate guys that use bad grammar and slang, and topless mirror pics. I haven't done any of those things. And I'm not a delusional guy going for out of my league. Sure, I'll send a message to a really good looking girl, but I'm actually pretty open to most girls.

I'm in university, employed, clean cut, decent height (5'11). Will I ever get a response!?

Yeah I'm starting to learn not to take it personally. Girls talk to me and smile at me in "real" life, so I guess a lot of girls on POF are just gauging what kind of interest guys have in them.


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  • Just don't go there. Spent a month of my life trying very hard to get a response, when I managed to get one. I just didn't want to keep messaging her back. Because of all the energy and time It had cost me just to get a response. one month wasted. On girls who are just too hard to pick. I though it was me at first and got depressed for a while. Then I started going out to bars and try the same type of Hi, what did you do that was fun today? type of question. I managed to get a phone number in less than 2 hours. The girls on POF are just Fat/Angry and Unworthy. I've read comments from guys that when to POF and spent a year only getting few responses and being seriously disappointed when they met the girl they've spent so much time flirting with.

    You'll have time to die Twice before having sex with any one girl.


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  • Take pof with a grain of salt. I'm on there as well and not Marilyn Monroe but prety, and even I don't get a lot of responses. I've heard from a lot of guys that girls get more responses than guys, no matter how great looking they are. Its all a game, and a lot of people on there are just looking for some attention.

    do you have your hobbies posted? or mayne your goals in life, or what you like to do for fun?or what you want to do if you go on a date?

    • I have my hobbies and goals on my profile, but not date ideas. Honestly though if a girl passed me over because she wasn't sure where I would take her on a date, then she's not worth my time haha.

  • I've heard that POF is notoriously bad site for meeting quality people. Half the people online are probably just killing time and not looking for an actual partner.

    If you're still in school, I'd recommend joining an actual club or organization to meet people. There's no better place to meet than out and abotu where lots of young people are gathered in the real world. The Internet is full of weirdos like us who avoid socalizing ;)

    • I don't even think they're just using POF to gauge guys interest in them ... most girls aren't inherently evil creatures who sit around devising ways to make guys feel bad about themselves. I'd say that tmany are more more apathetic than anything, like watching YouTube all day instead of going out and doing something. It's a way to feel like you're dating without actually having to do anything.

    • very true.

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  • look like him hahaha


  • 90% of girls on online dating sites aren't interested in actual relationships. They are there for emotional validation, not to meet men. You are far better flirting with the cute girl who works at the coffee shop and asking for her number.

  • Be richer and more good looking.