I want to have that real dating experience!

I am never approached by guys or anything but I am in an online dating site and I get tons of messages saying that I am way to pretty. We even agree to meet in person and they want to keep going out with me. I met six guys and four wanted to go out again with me.

If based on the online dating, I am not ugly and guys like me, why don't they approach me in real life.

I want to have that real dating experience where guys approach you and start talking to you, I'm tired of the online experience


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  • Ever thought that they don't go after you in real life because they have no idea if you are interested? I mean only people who want to meet total strangers go to dating sites so its pretty easy hit it off without fearing that you might sound like a creep etc.


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  • kind of hard to believe...with you going anonymous

  • Approaches online is incredibly more easy than in real life, this is mainly the reason.


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  • Because on an online dating sites its clear that people are on there for the same thing.

    Guys see you real life and fear rejection.

    They may think you are attractive but they don't want to take the chances of hearing you are

    involved or not seeking the same thing.

    What I am trying to say, online dating takes that pressure off and is easier.

  • The vibe you give out in real life may br telling them " I'm hard to approach, difficult to communicate wit, I'm intimidating". It's much easier to approach someone who smiles or with a soft tone than that who is quiet, cold and doesn't say hello. not saying you should be Miss Congeniality for everybody, probably try it with guys you are interested in.

    May not even be something you're aware of, your attitude.