Is he just playing with me??

I been dating this guy for 3 months already, he calls me often almost everyday day, I go spend the night over his place on weekends he is so sweet to me, but I find out his still going into dating websites (we met through 1). Also this week he acting differed he hasn't call me for 3 days but his been login in those sites everyday I really like him but I don't have time to waste. He has no idea I know about his online activities. Please advice me

I been thinking on either don't answer his calls for a couple of days. And yes maybe I'm not in the same page.


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  • First, you guys only been together 3 months. In my own experience, if I were to even suggest we were exclusive after a mere 3 months, she'd run for the hills and never talk to me again. In fact, that did happen to me. So in his mind he can still look at other women.

    Now the change in behavior is another thing entirely. Perhaps he has decided the relationship is not what he wants.

    The thing about players is they normally don't initiate or carry out frequent contact with women, that's how they get the woman pawning over them and play on their insecurities. If he's been doing this before he probably had real interest, but for whatever reason decided this is not what he wants.

    Yeah if he's ignoring your calls and texts, just go along with it, regardless how you are feeling, do what he's doing to you lol.


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  • sounds like a playa - sorry! He has made a conquest and now is looking for the next. Either accept him just as friend (with the occasional benefit) or if you want a one on one, look for another. Remember though, 99% of guys on dating sites are just there for the challenge to have variety in their sex life - I know, I am one of them!


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  • well, if you guys aren't exclusive to each other, then you are either friends with benefits or just dating, so I thik he has a right to look at his dating profile, as you have a right to do so as well. It sounds like you think your relationship is more seroius than he sees it. To me it looks like is is keeping his options open as he continues to see you. But it doesn't mean that he is seeing other women. A lot of people go on those sites everyday just out of curiosity or boredom.