Want to know how to get my ex back, or if he will ever come back, or just time to forget about him?

Here are some details. We met on an online dating site. We dated for four months and everything was really great. We got into a small argument (in which I got rather emotional). He broke up with me two days later. I did all the wrong things in trying to work it out. He hasn't spoken to me at all. I have tried to move on (which is usually never a problem), but I still want him. I never use to buy into the Zodiac stuff, but have been reading it a little lately. He is a Capricorn and I'm a Libra. Thanks for the help!


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  • Tell him how you really feel about him. If he accepts it, then get back with him. If not, try and move on. Good luck.

    • Thanks! I have, but no response. I think I know the truth (that there is no chance) but my heart hopes for something else. I have started dating again. Sometimes it seems to help and other times it seems to make it worse. Thanks!

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  • I am going to tell you like this...When something happens as small as this and you break up ...it is for the best... you may not see it now..but based on my experience, everything happens for a reason...If he is not getting in touch with you. let it go. ... Let him do him...Wait and see if he gets in touch with...DO NOT RUN AFTER HIM...BAD IDEA