Should I be worried?

So I've been dating this guy for a few months now. Things kind of started off rocky. After the first month I surprised him by doing his laundry...but while doing this, I found a girls pair of workout shorts! All of his laundry was on the floor! It's been three months now, and I've found another girls shirt, another girls sweater, and another girls blanket. This guy is very attractive, I tend to go for more down to earth dorky guys...and he has a lot of girls that pursue him. He says he's made it clear that he's dating me, but there are still a couple girls who text him randomly trying to hang out. I've never been an insecure girl but all this makes me uncomfortable. Am I crazy to feel this way? Its gotten to the point where he says he can't take me questioning him anymore, and he's right, he hasn't done anything worng. What should I do?


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  • He sounds like a totally immature player. He has all the warning signs. I'd give it a few months tops before he cheats or dumps you. Go back to the guys you usually date, your current man and you won't end well at this rate. You heard it from me first.

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    • Wow. Ok. Thank you.

    • Just like any sane man would have reservations about settling into a long-term relationship with a girl of such a partner count, so should any woman. I know these types of guys from being up close and personal with them. Both of them are on second marriages and constantly cheating. Seriously, get out tomorrow.


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  • Ask him about the clothes, this is very suspicious. He may have a really good reason for it but you do need to make sure you have your guard up.

    • He says they are all from girls he dated before me. I questioned the fact that he's only lived there a month, and he says they were all brought over with his laundry

    • honestly that doesn't make since to me. if you keep finding new clothes you should be worried

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  • Yeah that sounds super suspicious to me. No offense tho but girl what are you thinkin doin his laundry after only knowin him a month? You're not his freakin Mom. Make a guy work for it a little bit before you put that much effort into him. He sounds like he's totally not worth the effort either.

  • even if girls did try to pursue him, how would their clothes end up in his laundry. don't make excuses for him, uve done nothing wrong. he isn't the right guy for you.