My ex texted me to borrow something. Was that his real target or not?

is that mean that he wants me back or he was just want to borrow something?


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  • he could borrow it from anybody but he chose you, I think its just an excuse for conversation

    • seriously :)

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    • but I have something else which is he is going online daily after asking me for lenting him my camera and he does not even talk to me by the way he asked me for the camera about 5 days before the time hw will take it WHAT DOES THAT MEAN ?

    • would you please clarify for me this situation beause I am totally in love with him and I do not know what to do so please help me :)

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  • My money says he just wants to borrow whatever! He can't be that unromantic that he couldn't think of a more tender, intimate way of asking back into your life...could he?


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  • Sometimes it can mentally mean he just wanted to borrow something, and no body else had it. But if he didn't specify what it was, most likely he wants you back.