Am I being played? Not sure what to do?

After previous questions and cheers for the answers, we are together, however the ex still is nagging her via text and calls, we have been going really good, but I think that I'm still being played as she just refuses to get rid of the ex, as in she's seems to be letting him get away with his constant nagging by answering his calls sometimes and also replying to his texts that's OK with me but I think the more she puts up with this the worse its going to get. I have tried to stay out of it and have given positive response to what she tells me as to try to just be there for her.

thing is she seems to just not nipp it once and for all. my question is, am should I pursue this as we are a happy couple I think, she tells me me all the right things, am I wasting my time? I've have worked hard to get this girl in my life, just not sure if I should just let it go or not, its a long story and I'm not good at voicing my thoughts but I think its too hard?