Boyfriend hits on another girl?

About 3 weeks after attending my boyfriend's HS reunion with him, I found Facebook private messages he had sent to a girl he caught up with there. He told her she was a "hottie with a body" and had a hot ass, and asked her for pictures of herself. They were apparently talking on the phone and/or texting too.

This had been going on since directly after the reunion. She is married and lives back in their hometown and, upon my confronting her, has apologized and cut all contact with him. I don't think she had any plans to leave her husband or cheat or anything...she just maybe experienced some validation from her conversations with him.

He has apologized repeatedly and profusely and said he never intended to "step out" on me with her, that it was an ego thing. At this point, I refuse to be exclusive with him...because I feel I cannot trust him. I have not dated anyone else, but have had a couple of guys email or flirt, and if I'm interested and ready, will go out with whomever I want. My question is this: is there any reason to think this guy and I could ever work out? We still see each other once in a while and enjoy each others' company, are very close...but am I fooling myself to think he's not just a huge player?


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  • Once a cheater always a cheater. A leopard doesn't change it's spots. Don't be foolish and think that he will change cause odds are he will most def not. You deserve better. Don't allow yourself to get pulled back to him. He will just break your heart and bring ya down. Sorry girl this sh*t is so painful. Be strong and you will eventually find someone who is trustworthy and will treat you the way you deserve.


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  • Seriously, once the glass is broken, you shouldn't go back.

  • I think I'm going through a similar situation.


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