Should I call this girl that ignored my text?

Long story short,

I met her at a club, we made-out/ grinded on each other. She gives me her number. I texted her the next day at noon and she didn't text back, so I called her at around 6:00 pm and she answered and was laughing and everything. We started texting each other for 2 days and she suddenly STOPS. I texted her at 2pm yesterday and another text at 6pm. They are QUESTIONS, I asked when is she leaving for Thanksgiving break, and she chose to ignore it. Almost a day has passed now... Should I call her?


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  • She's not replying for a reason: either she's busy or doesn't want to talk to you anymore.

    It HIGHLY annoys me when people keep sending things and/or calling. It also HIGHLY annoys me when guys send a trillion texts. Don't text when you're beginning to see someone, just go on dates. It will take you further. Leave some mystery and don't cause her to get sick of you.

    Sorry to be blunt but she might have only given you her number because she was drunk. Relationships tend to not begin at clubs unfortunately.


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  • She sounds super flaky and unreliable. She's prob one of those girls that just gets off on attention from guys but doesn't really have a whole lotta interest. Forget about her.

  • delete her number, if she wanted to talk to you she would have.

  • no, it'll seem desperate. just wait for her to answer back, and if she doesn't life goes on.


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  • No you will seem desperate. You already seem desperate to her because you texted her twice when she never answered. Your best bet is to just wait for her to text/call you back. If she doesn't then just move on because she's not into you like that.