So, how do I start dating?

I'm 20, and I've been working on my self-confidence for a while. I've never had a boyfriend, and I was down about that, but I figured, if I want to date, I just gotta get in there and do it.

I go to a pretty small school, so most guys have at least seen me before, if they don't already know me.

I went on my first dinner date (I guess?) two weeks ago, but I don't think it went that well, as he hasn't really tried to contact me since. I dunno.

Anyway, how do I get these dates? I'm being nice, open, and friendly to guys. But I probably have a reputation for being unapproachable. Help.


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  • Join a club for people with your interests, so you'll have a reason to be near some guys all the time, and you can get to know them without all the formality of a 'date.' You don't need to start dating to have friendships, and then maybe relationships. There are better, less artificial ways, you know.


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  • Where something you feel hot in. Go alone or with ONE friend to a hotspot bar. Eye any dude you think you have a chance with and call him over. If you do not laugh look into his eyes say his name in a conversation touch him punch him lightly order him a drink talk a little dirty to him or w.e then he will just walk away. If you like someone help them advance on you. It is win win.

  • You need to develop body language. Mating signals. There are virgin mating signals and there are non virgin mating signals. If you are a virgin know them and save it.


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