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First date, very nervous

I am going on date for the first time in ages. Apart from a kiss, what signs should l look for that she is interested during the date? What things... Show More

Thanks dude. girls would appreciate your advice as well ! thanks

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  • DO NOT..I REPEAT DO...NOT! talk about the future with her...or another date! No touching unless its to help her in/out of the car (while you're opening her door) or up/down steps etc. When you first see her...tell her she looks nice...if she doesn't look nice...lie...lol. Keep the convos light and funny...no deep subjects...be a good listener...keep her talking 75% of the time. Pay very close attention to any touching she initiates. When she first see's you, does her face light up...does she keep the convos flowing (ie talk effortlessly) Does she try to get to know you better? Don't go into great detail about yourself...keep it simple. Look into her eyes when she's talking and when you are. Watch to see if she keeps good eye contact with you, or if she gets easily distracted...looking at other people...checking her phone etc. Try to keep the first date to 2 hrs max. Relax...if she really likes you ...then the real work will begin later ...lol First dates are easy. Try to be funny..joke around...smile..etc.At the end..walk her to her door, thank her for the fun time...say good night...bye...thats it...no I'll call you ...no I'll see or talk to ya later...no hugs or kisses unless she initiates it.All you need to do to impress is...be fun to be around...don't talk too much, be a gentleman...compliment her twice. That's it. Good luck...Give an update how it goes!

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