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How long would you continue sleeping with someone when you start dating someone else?

I've been dating someone for the past month. We've been on four dates in total, and have slept together twice. Today, a mutual friend of ours told me... Show More

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  • How do you know he's interested in only you? That one is super easy, he is dating and sleeping w only you and kicks those other hoochies to the side:)

    • :)

What Guys Said 3

  • How do you know if someone is interested in (only) you?

    Have The (exclusivity) Talk.

    Before you have The Talk, seeing FWBs is fair game and he isn't being creepy or breaking the rules.

  • I am about being "official." If you are going on dates, that doesn't mean you are his girlfriend, or exclusive. If you are serious about this guy, and you want to be exclusive, make sure you let him know. There is nothing worse for a relationship than lack of communication.

    There is no sure way to know if someone is interested in only you. You just have to bring it up and see where it goes. Be prepared for any answer though. It could change things.

  • I wouldn't. Only in a relationship for me. ugh but I hate myself for thinking that way.

    He might be the type that dates multiple people to see who he is most compatible with and picks from that. So, he might be interested in you. There is the possibility that he has no intentions on being in any kind of serious relationship with you and is just hanging out and having sex with you as well as any other girls. Can't know for sure.

What Girls Said 2

  • I think you make that decision when you know you're serious about the new person. That being said.. if you've started sleeping with the new guy it might be time to call it quits... or at least put the sex on hold... with the previous guys. Just to avoid disrespecting the new guy too

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